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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is used by the Administration of the GetUNIQ services (hereinafter referred to as «the Operator») with regard to Personal and other User data processing.

The GetUNIQ services are available on the website.

In the event of refusal by the individual to provide his/her personal data, the GetUNIQ services shall not be provided to such an individual.

Using of the GetUNIQ services confirms the User’s agreement with this Privacy Policy.

  1. I. Personal and other User data processing is aimed at:
    • provision, improving of the GetUNIQ services provided to the User;
    • communication with User;
    • analysis of the quality, scope of the GetUNIQ services provided to the User;
    • measuring performance of the GetUNIQ services provided to the User;
    • notifying the User about promotions, special offers, advertising.
  2. II. Collection and use of Personal and other User data processing:
    • the Operator provides the User with access to his Personal and other User data by using a personal login and password;
    • the Operator processes information that was provided by the User or obtained with his consent;
    • the Operator ensures the legality of the purpose and methods of Personal and other User data processing, integrity and fairness in the Operator’s activities;
    • Personal and other User data provision shall be a free will of an individual;
    • the Operator processes only those Personal and other User data that meets the purposes of their processing;
    • the Operator shall not combine the formed database of the User with any other Operator’s databases or databases of other operators;
    • the Operator processes Personal and other User data automatically;
    • when processing Personal and other User data, the Operator shall take all necessary measures to protect the Personal and other User data. The Operator provides the data subjects with recommendations on personal data protection on the equipment owned by the User.
  3. III. For the provision of the GetUNIQ services the Operator processes the following Personal and other User data:
    • name;
    • e-mail;
    • IP address;
    • Internet browser;
    • referrer;
    • other User’s data (including Google user data, that the User provides to the Operator, when the GetUNIQ services are provided).
  4. IV. Retaining of Personal and other User data
    • The Operator stores Personal and other User data until the User’s account is deleted. The Operator keeps some Personal and other User data after the User’s account deletion for longer periods of time as required for tax, accounting and other purposes in accordance with the applicable law.
    • The Operator deletes Personal and other User data only with permission of the User. The Operator may delete Personal and other User data without consent of the User in accordance with the applicable law.
  5. V. Disclosure and transferring of the Personal and other User data
    • The Operator shall not disclose Personal and other User data to third parties without the consent of the data subject unless otherwise is provided by the Privacy Policy.
    • The Personal and other User data can be processed by employees of the Operator, other trusted entities or persons based on the Operator’s instructions, agreement and in compliance with Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
    • The Operator shares Personal and other data of Users if it is necessary to be provided at the request of a court, government, or provided by applicable law.
  6. VI. Rights of the Operator and Users:
    • The Operator guarantees that the User is treated in good faith, and there is transparency in the use of Personal and other User data;
    • If the User requests access to his/her personal and other User data, such access shall be granted to the User within a reasonable period of time;
    • The Operator guarantees that the User is treated in good faith, and there is transparency in the use of Personal and other User data within a reasonable period of time;
    • If the User discovers an error in his/her data, he/she shall immediately contact the Operator. The Operator eliminates the error as soon as possible;
    • Upon the User’s request, the Operator may delete some personal data without prejudice to service delivery for the User. Otherwise, the Operator may refuse to delete a part of the Personal and other User data. In this case, the User may terminate the contract with the Operator;
    • the Operator may ask the User for personal data rectification. The Operator shall specify the purpose for the rectification;
    • the Operator states that this Privacy Policy in no way infringes the User’s right to protect his/her rights in accordance with applicable data protection regulations of his/her country of residence.
  7. VII. For the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, following trusted third party indirectly involved in processing of the Personal and other user data:
    • for purpose of communication, improving and analysis of the GetUNIQ services the Operator’s shares user data with Google LLC. The Operator is thoroughly convinced that sufficient personal data protection by Google LLC when providing mailing services, and other actions with data (
    • In order to improve the GetUNIQ service and provide the statistics and data collected regarding the User’s sites in the User’s personal account, with the User’s consent, has the right to access and process its data in Google Analytics. The Google Analytics data obtained by GetUNIQ includes the Account E-mail data (auth/userinfo.emai), as well as other profile data made available by the User (auth/userinfo.). If the User does not consent to the transfer of data from Google Analytics service, the User will not be able to access the statistics in the GetUNIQ account and a number of its functions. There will be no other adverse consequences for the User. The operator is fully convinced of the sufficiency of the protection of user data when processing them by Google Analytics. The user has the right to familiarize himself with the rules of Google Analytics processing here
  8. VIII. Other provisions
    • The Operator as a controller of the User’s Data is held liable for their safety, use and deletion in accordance with the law
    • The Operator reserves the right from time to time alter the terms of this Privacy Policy related to the improvement in personal data protection.
    • This Privacy Policy reflects the commitment of the Operator to comply with the Law and protection of the Users from any unauthorized interference into their personal information while using Operator’s services, including the intention of the User to becoming an Operator’s client and deletion, service and systematization of the personal and other User data.
    • This Privacy Policy comes into force from the date of its publication on the website —
    • The user has the right to contact the Operator with questions about the processing of his data using the Operator’s email address: