Avito is the most popular online classifieds platform in the world. Today, using Avito, you can place ads in the categories: Goods, Auto, Jobs, Services, Real Estate. Avito brings together sellers and buyers, both from individuals and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as corporations. More than 10 transactions are made on Avito every second, and users add more than 1 million new ads every day.

The tools that Avito offers are capable of solving a variety of problems — from starting a business to scaling sales. The platform not only provides analytics, but also helps to analyze competitor strategies and demand in a niche, optimize work with a large number of ads, increase your visibility and improve interaction with customers.


Demand analytics.
Helps forecast demand, take into account seasonality and study private metrics, including conversion and the number of requests.
There are two functions here: «Category Demand» and «Search Queries». The first metric shows how many sellers there are on the platform in a certain niche, and whether their products are in demand. You can track how demand changes depending on the time of year, holidays or world events. The «Search queries» section shows statistics for specific wordings. For example, you can find out that users entered the phrase leather wallet 8 times more often in December than in the previous month.

  • Autoload saves time: ads are published and updated according to a given schedule. All you need is an XML, CSV or Excel file. Using autoload, you can automate the process of posting, editing, promoting and removing from publication. That is, each ad will appear on platform at the specified time.
  • Auto-strategy is a professional tool for automatically promoting ads. With it, you will spend your budget with maximum benefit and free yourself from routine work. All you need to do is create a campaign: select ads and specify the deadline — Avito will suggest the optimal budget for promotion. Services will be applied automatically. At any time you can find out how many views, contacts and favorites they brought.
  • Setting up integrations with familiar services, for example, instant messengers. If a user asks a question in the internal messenger, the message immediately appears in your CRM. This helps not to miss even the most hasty customers.
  • Call tracking from Avito collects information about incoming calls and records conversations. With its help, you can analyze communication with customers and optimize it if necessary.
  • Distribution of special offers. The tool «catches up» with users who have already added the product to Favorites. You can send them a gift or offer a discount — and if they are interested, negotiate a deal in chat.

Performance tracking and statistics capabilities

Avito pro is a professional account where your advertisements and all the tools for working with them will be collected. You will be able to monitor the numbers, choose promotion strategies and free yourself from routine tasks.

  • Avito pro makes your work easier. You can manage hundreds and thousands of ads and automate similar actions.
  • The number of views, calls and other indicators will be before your eyes. All data has been cleared of bots.
  • Access to Avito Pro will appear when you subscribe to the «Basic», «Advanced» or «Maximum» tariff.

Avito Pro will show how things are going and what results promotion services bring.

Avito Pro allows you to delegate work to employees and automate routine actions — smart algorithms will take care of them. Select days and times to launch the promotion; at the right time, the services will connect themselves. Turn on auto-publishing so that your ads don’t disappear from searches even for a minute. They will be immediately re-published as soon as the posting period ends.

How to work with statistics

On the ad page you can see how many views and contacts it received. Statistics do not take into account all views, but only unique ones. If a person sees your ad several times a day, we count it as one view.
Based on this data, you can calculate how many views are needed to get the required number of contacts. Let’s look at an example.

The ad received 2,184 views and 182 contacts. The seller knows that on average every tenth call turns into a deal.
2,184 views → 182 contacts → 18 deals. One transaction requires approximately ≈ 121 views (2,184 / 18).
The seller has 10 products in his warehouse that he needs to sell. This means he needs to connect a promotion that will bring 1,210 (10 × 121) additional views.

Auction/Payment Model


Minimum replenishment amount

600 rubles

Billing currency

Russian ruble

Payment Methods

  • Current account for individual entrepreneur/USN
  • Current account on OSNO
  • Russian/foreign bank card
  • Corporate bank card of the Russian Federation
  • Capitalist
  • USDT
  • International Account
  • From the balance of integrated Affilate networks

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