Directadvert is one of the TOP-3 Runet teaser networks. Coverage - 350 million users per month. Ads are shown on numerous partner sites of the network, including top information platforms.

Video presentation:

Available ad formats

Directadvert is designed to attract visitors to websites using teaser ads in the format image + headline + announcement + link. The ads uploaded to the network are broadcast on partner sites and the Directadvert news feed with traffic of about a million people a day.

Targeting advertising options

Advertisers can set time and geographic targeting, as well as targeting by device (fixed or mobile) and mobile operators

Tracking Features of performance and statistics

The service has the ability to set UTM tags or macros (including geo macros). Before launching a campaign, you can install a special HTML code on the advertised site, which can be obtained when creating a teaser. You can see how many people have completed the desired action in your personal account. Statistics are provided both for each specific ad and for all active ads. To analyze the quality of traffic using third-party web analytics services and affiliate statistics, you can activate automatic UTM tagging.

Ad network inventory

Platform coverage - 350 million users per month. Directadvert unites more than 15,000 high-quality sites with an active and solvent audience, such as Rambler,, Interfax, IA Regnum, Forbes, RIA Novosti, Vesti.RU and others. The core of the audience is professionals, managers and entrepreneurs aged 24-50.

Recommendations to whom the traffic of this advertising platform is most suitable

According to statistics, the audience of the site is most interested in the following categories:
- news and politics
- medicine and health
- fashion and beauty

Auction/payment model

You can place ads with pay-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-action (CPA). Also implemented traffic exchange for site owners.

Minimum deposit amount

300 рублей

Billing currency

Russian ruble

Payment Methods

For payment as an individual, the following options are possible: a card of a Russian bank; Capitalist; Admitad balance


The bonus is 10% and is credited to the budget spent per month. For example, you spent 100,000 rubles. This means that at the end of the month, the accrual will be 10,000 ₽ to the balance of the Directadvert account.

Earn up to 25% additional income when replenishing advertising networks with the Affiliate Program

Get rewarded from the turnover of advertising accounts under your control in 12 advertising networks under the affiliate program for our partners.