TikTok is the leading short video sharing platform for mobile devices that allows you to create spontaneous, sincere, and therefore interesting content. As one of the most popular apps in the world, TikTok brings together a huge community of users who value authenticity above all else in entertainment content.

Available ad formats

Your ads may look different depending on the ad objectives and placements you choose. The TikTok advertising platform currently supports the 2 main ad formats across all placements: images and videos.

Ad formats play a big role in keeping the audience engaged. The TikTok advertising platform offers a wide variety of formats so you can find one that suits your campaign goals. In particular, we work with horizontal, vertical and square videos, as well as images.


promotional video up to 60 seconds long. Fired when the user opens the application

Brand Takeover

TikTok users open the app, a full-screen ad appears for a few seconds, then it turns into a promotional video in the news feed.

In Feed

Newsfeed video: Ads appear in the familiar TikTok newsfeed on the Featured page. This is the most common advertising format - the user simply sees the ad while scrolling through the videos. Thanks to native integration into the recommendations feed, such ads are unobtrusive. Another advantage is that users can interact with the video, like and comment.

Targeting options рекламы

TikTok ads come with a variety of targeting options so you can be as specific as possible about the audience you want to show your ad to. Targeting is configured at the stage of creating an ad group. To see all the targeting options, watch the following video.
The TikTok ad platform supports the following targeting options.


Demographics (Gender, Age, Location, Language)
Interests and behavior
Device (Connection type, Operating system, Operating system version, Device model, Device price, Operator)

Location targeting

TikTok for Business lets you customize ads and offers for specific locations, including countries, regions, states, provinces, metropolitan areas (beta), cities (beta), and more. Certain targeting options are not available in some countries.
Location targeting relies on various signals to serve ads to users that match the criteria you select. Because these signals change, ads are not guaranteed to run.

Interest targeting

Interest targeting is a way to find people based on their long-term interests and how they interact with content on TikTok. Interest targeting is a great way to find relevant audiences for your ads. There are two types of interest targeting: interest categories and additional interests. You can use these categories to define the target audience. If you can't find the interest you want in the categories, try entering it in the search bar and the system will display the relevant interests.

Behavior targeting

Behavioral targeting allows you to serve ads based on users' recent in-app behavior on TikTok. We believe this can be a very effective method to increase the effectiveness of a campaign.
While interest targeting focuses on a user's long-term content consumption, behavioral targeting focuses on a user's recent interaction with content. This article explains the main benefits of using behavioral targeting and how to use it, as well as some frequently asked questions.
There are 2 categories of behavior:

  • actions related to the video
  • actions associated with following an author.

Targeting Recommendation

This is a TikTok Ads Manager feature that allows you to define a relevant audience for your ads. When you target your ad set, it will provide you with a set of recommended interest categories and behaviors for the audience most likely to contribute to your campaign's ad objective.
How targeting recommendation works:
TikTok Ads Manager will analyze the performance of similar ad sets from similar advertisers as well as the performance of existing ad sets in the same account to be included and analyzed. Based on the analysis, it will recommend a list of interest categories and audience behaviors that are most likely to convert.

Targeting extension

Targeting Extension is a smart feature that automatically helps you find the right audience for your ads. When the targeting extension is enabled, you can expand your targeting options if the system warns you about possible problems when serving ads with the initial settings.

To enable the targeting extension, you need to select from your initial list of options that you want to expand.

  • Audience: Extend your targeting beyond your custom or lookalike audience.
  • Gender: Include both genders in the target audience.
  • Age: expand the age limits of your potential audience.
  • Interests and Behaviors: Include additional interests and user behaviors in your targeting.

Retargeting from the app

Retargeting is an ad group feature that allows you to serve ads to users who have already installed your app on a mobile device. This is a good way to remind existing customers about yourself, increase revenue potential and return on advertising investment.

Unlike an App Activity audience that only includes users who can be attributed to TikTok ads, retargeting allows you to show ads on TikTok, BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and BaBe to all users who have installed your app.

Ad network inventory

The TikTok app, which became one of the world's top downloaders in 2020, has an audience spanning over 150 countries. Our products and their audiences will help you reach more customers and increase traffic to your business website.
A variety of apps for any marketing purpose:
TikTok advertising platform provides access to our family of apps, including entertainment apps and apps with news and content recommendations. Whatever your marketing goal, you will be able to find users who will be the optimal audience for your products or services.

Auction/payment model

TikTok advertising platform currently provides 4 bidding methods:

  • cost per thousand impressions (CPM),
  • optimized CPM (oCPM),
  • cost per thousand views (CPV),
  • cost per click (CPC).

Minimum deposit amount

500 USD

Billing currency


Payment Methods

For payment as an individual, the following options are possible: a card of a Russian bank; Capitalist; Admitad balance.

Terms of replenishment

- VAT-5%. When replenishing with a minimum amount of 500 USD, 396.82 USD will be credited to the balance. The conversion of rubles-dollars within the service will take place at the rate of the Central Bank + 3%.

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