Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is an online marketing platform that is responsible for advertising on the most highly visited adult sites in the world. The TrafficJunky advertising account allows you to place advertising materials on sites for an adult audience: Pornhub, PH RON, YouPorn, RedTube, Tube8, etc.
Traffic Junky

Available ad formats

There are 4 placement options available in Traffic Junky:

Static banner (available from all devices)

The static banner is available in several sizes and has several placement options for both mobile devices and PC. Acceptable file formats: JPEG, GIF, png. Animation is allowed.

Videos banner

Video banner is available on both mobile devices and PC.
Acceptable file formats: MPEG, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV

In-stream video

In-Stream video format is available on both mobile devices and PC. Acceptable file formats: MPEG, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV. Maximum video length - 30 sec


Popunders format is available both on mobile devices and on PC.
For more information about all possible formats and sizes of static and video banners, see

Targeting advertising options

Traffic Junky offers many targeting features for a wide variety of locations and devices. Using algorithms, Traffic Junky can
help you discover, target, and optimize the most responsive audiences for your brand's proven targeting technologies and experiences.

Targeting Features
Control the effectiveness of your campaign using targeting features. Use tools like location, demographics, and keywords to reach your campaign goals.

Target your audience, wherever they are. Deliver the right message based on their location and proximity.

Create, target, or filter your campaign audiences based on their demographics.

Target your campaign to visitor tastes with keywords, search terms, and other contextual goals.

Optimization and automation
Use our advanced automation and optimization features to improve your campaign performance even in offline mode. Bid automation, source optimization, and cumulative CPA control have never been easier.

Set your target CPA and let our algorithm automatically optimize your auction bids

Traffic Junky's rules feature allows you to define certain behaviors and exclude sources that don't convert.

Automate your ads with Autopilot. Make sure your potential customers are shown the most engaging and converting ads.

Device and Network Features
This feature allows you to target ads based on specific criteria such as ISP, mobile phone, IP -address and device. Learn more when you reach your desired audience.

Device targeting
Engage with your audience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
IP targeting
Target visitors to specific IP addresses or define a range of IP addresses to target audience.

Internet Service Provider Targeting
Target audience by wireless carrier or ISP. Access to an extensive list of thousands of global mobile Internet providers.

Mobile communications
Target audience based on their Internet connection via WiFi or Carrier.

Browser and OS capabilities
Take advantage of our browser and OS and find the right audience based on the technologies they use.

OS Targeting
This feature allows you to segment your audience by OS like Windows, macOS , iOS, Android and more.

Browser language targeting
Include or exclude up to 5 languages to focus on your specific audience.

Browser targeting
Target audience based on their browser of choice. This feature is useful if your creatives do not comply with Google advertising.

Ad Network Statistics

Visitors to our network from all over the world; and over 75% of our visitors are from Tier 1 traffic countries in North America and Europe. We also have a significant presence in Asia. 150 Million daily visitors. 4.6 billion daily ad impressions,

Top verticals promoted in our network: Dating, Adult Entertainment, Gambling, Health & Wellness, Games

Auction/payment model

Payment for Traffic Junky advertising is carried out through an auction. Available payment models - CPM.

Minimum deposit amount

120 USD

Billing currency


Payment Methods

For payment as an individual, the following options are possible: a card of a Russian bank; Capitalist; Admitad balance.

Terms of replenishment

Earn up to 25% additional income when replenishing advertising networks with the Affiliate Program

Get rewarded from the turnover of advertising accounts under your control in 12 advertising networks under the affiliate program for our partners.