VK Advertising

VK Advertising is a new platform where you can quickly launch effective advertising on VK projects. The platform allows you to reach exactly your target audience and, thanks to automation technologies, make your advertising campaign the most effective.
On the VK Advertising platform, you can promote websites, mobile applications, product feeds, lead forms and communities.
VK Advertising

Available ad formats

Universal Ads is an adaptive format, thanks to which advertising can be broadcast on all available platforms at once: on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, on VK projects and on the VK advertising network.

Placement format: feed, native position, clips, stories, in-stream, full-screen block

Targeting options рекламы

Targeting can be configured in various sections:

  • Display regions. You can select an entire region, country, region or city
  • Demography. Gender and age of users
  • Interests and Audience
  • Devices. Targeting by device manufacturer, device type and OS version

Tracking Features of performance and statistics

For each campaign, group and ad, you can view detailed statistics in the dashboard.
The top part of the window displays the selected statistics period and the main metrics — Clicks, CTR, Result (the number of postback conversions that came to VK Ads), Cost per result (cost per conversion: amount of funds spent divided by the number of conversions), Spent (total amount of advertising costs for the selected period).

Ad network inventory

VK projects cover more than 90 percent of the entire Runet audience. By default, all ads in VK Ads have "Auto-selection of placements enabled ". This is a tool by which ads are shown on all available sites and placements.
Places are the sites where your ads are broadcast.

  • Odnoklassniki is a social network from VK that unites users in 220 countries. More than a third of the daily audience accesses OK from their mobile devices, using both the mobile version of the site and applications for iOS, Android and WP devices.
  • VKontakte is the largest social network in Russia and the CIS countries. The monthly audience is about 100 million users.
  • VK projects - advertising on the main Mail.ru, content projects Pulse, Auto, Lady, Children and others.
  • Advertising network - advertising on the sites of the VK advertising network: Yula, Avito, Avto ru, Edadil and others. The number of sites can be increased.

To promote websites, several options for optimizing an advertising campaign are available:

  • impressions - ads will be shown as often as possible;
  • clicks - your ads will be seen by users who are most likely to click on your ad;
  • events on the site - the algorithms of the advertising platform will show ads to those who are most likely to take the targeted action - go to the site, leave a request for a call, add an item to the cart or make a purchase.

Promotion of mobile applications is possible for two targeted actions:

  • app installation;
  • an event inside a mobile application.

To launch product campaigns, a special section of the account has been created - the Commerce Center. With it, advertisers can conveniently and quickly work with product feeds. To promote goods and services from the catalog on the platform, the following are available:

  • targeting by interests and key phrases to attract a new audience;
  • retargeting technologies that allow you to generate individual product recommendations when displaying ads.

Lead form advertising allows you to promote complex products and services with a long purchase cycle, even for those advertisers who do not have their own website. In VK Advertising, you can create forms with custom fields and launch campaigns aimed at collecting leads: applications, orders, or registrations. Community promotion in VK Advertising is available for four targeted actions:

  • Join Community - use to attract new followers.
  • "Post to community" - select if you want to receive more messages to the community.
  • "Purchase of goods and services" - will increase the number of orders for goods or services presented in the community.
  • "Increased Engagement" - makes it possible to increase the number of reactions to posts, stimulate users to share content more often

According to the test results, VK Advertising algorithms can reduce the cost of a target action by an average of 70% - for example, attract a new subscriber or increase reactions to a post.
We are gradually merging all advertising accounts and soon VK Advertising will become a single platform for promoting any business on VK projects.

Recommendations to whom the traffic of this advertising platform is most suitable

A platform for quickly launching effective advertising on VK projects. Allows you to interact with users of social networks, classifieds, media projects and advertising networks, turning them into your customers.

Auction/payment model

Available payment models - СPM, CPC

Budget Optimization is a tool that helps you distribute allocated budget across your ads so that you get more targeted actions.
Optimization can be set at the campaign level or at the ad group level.

  • At the campaign level: The budget will be distributed among the ad groups within the campaign. This will help simplify setup and reduce manual campaign management and achieve the best results from the campaign at the lowest cost.
  • At the ad group level: The budget is only shared between ads within the same selected ad group.

Minimum deposit amount

2400 rubles

Billing currency

Russian ruble

Payment Methods

For payment as an individual, the following options are possible: a card of a Russian bank; Capitalist; Admitad balance

Terms of replenishment

Earn up to 25% additional income when replenishing advertising networks with the Affiliate Program

Get rewarded from the turnover of advertising accounts under your control in 12 advertising networks under the affiliate program for our partners.