Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct is a unified platform for placing contextual and display advertising in Yandex search and its Advertising Network, which allows you to build a sales funnel and solve marketing tasks at all its levels.

Video presentation:
Yandex Direct

Available ad formats

You can set up image and performance ads in Yandex.Direct

Performance ad formats:

Image advertising formats:

Медийный баннер:

Create creatives of all sizes in the designer or upload your own creatives in HTML5, PNG, JPG format.

Display video ads:

Upload your own video - you can shoot it on a smartphone with a good camera or buy a suitable video in stock.

Display banner on the Yandex Home page:

Upload graphic or HTML5 banners sized 1456 × 180 for display on desktops, 640 × 134 for display on mobile devices.

Mobile applications
Type of advertisements in Yandex. only mobile applications.

Direct has the ability to launch audio ads (audio clips are played between music tracks on Yandex Radio and Yandex Music). Social advertising is also implemented, which helps draw attention to important social topics: for example, charity , health or ecology. In such advertising, you can tell users about a social program or a charitable foundation.

Ad targeting options

  1. key phrases;
  2. geography of impressions
  3. time targeting
  4. autotargeting;
  5. retargeting and audience selection;
  6. user interests in mobile applications
  7. short-term interests and habits
  8. user profile
  9. targeting conditions
  10. filters
  11. events in the mobile application
  12. targeting based on uploaded data (CRM and mobile device ID)

Possibilities for tracking performance and statistics

Tools for studying statistics:

  • Reports in the Yandex.Direct interface
    Standard reports allow you to quickly get data on the most popular sets of slices and indicators.
  • Reports in the Yandex Metrics interface
    Collect information about user actions on your site, track the achievement of goals, compare different audience segments and traffic sources.
  • Monitoring changes in traffic volume
    Monitor changes in the traffic volume of your ad. This can happen, for example, if your competitors for a search phrase have changed their bid. Adjust your bid and spend your budget more efficiently.
  • URL parameters
    Add special parameters to the link in the ad (Direct dynamic parameters, UTM tags) and explore the traffic: you can find out where users get to your site from (ad space number, ad position, device, etc.). ).

Ad network inventory

Yandex Direct is one of the leaders in the online advertising market in Russia.

In April 2022, the average daily audience of Yandex.Direct ads on Search and the Yandex Advertising Network was over 74 million users.

Recommendations to whom the traffic of this advertising platform is most suitable

Every second inhabitant of Russia can be called the audience of Yandex services and its advertising network. Yandex.Direct's extensive toolkit will almost certainly allow you to increase sales and business awareness.

Auction/payment model


Minimum deposit amount

1200 rubles

Billing currency

Российский рубль

Payment Methods

For payment as an individual, the following options are possible: a card of a Russian bank; Capitalist; Admitad balance


The initial bonus for replenishing Yandex.Direct advertising accounts is 6%. The payment is made net of VAT. For example, with a payment of 100,000, the amount credited will be 88,333 ₽ along with the bonus.

Earn up to 25% additional income when replenishing advertising networks with the Affiliate Program

Get rewarded from the turnover of advertising accounts under your control in 12 advertising networks under the affiliate program for our partners.